Loan without proof of income: Who is it for?

Although the Slovaks are still among the less indebted nations, we borrow quite regularly. Borrowed money is most often used for the reconstruction of households, appliances and also to buy a car.

As regards loans without income proofing, banks can offer you two options: overdraft loans and consumer loans.

Overdraft loan

Overdraft loan

An overdraft loan can also be called an overdraft on the account. It is basically a combination of deposit and loan account. This means that you have a current account open at the same time as an authorized overdraft. Thus, if you have a positive balance in your account, it is a current account, but if you get a negative, you already draw overdraft. Your account is thus a credit account.

The bank can pre-approve the overdraft facility (credit limit), but you can also apply for it. The advantage of this loan is that it can serve as a reserve for you when needed and unexpected expenses. So you do not need to draw it until it is really necessary.

Consumer credit

Consumer credit

Consumer credit is one of the most popular bank products. Mostly it is purpose-free, so you can use it for anything and find it in every single bank’s offer. And you can also get it without proof of income.

But here too is the same hook as the overdraft loan. Although you do not need to document your income, but the bank has to verify your ability to repay the loan. And so comes the advice of your creditworthiness. Bonita expresses your financial credibility, solvency and credibility. You could say that he also talks about how you manage your funds.

What does Central Bank offer you

For us at Central Bank you will find a Good Loan. This is a simple, quick loan for anything, with no delivery fee and up to 30,000 euros. And you get it without a receipt. For approval, most clients only need a ID card.

Anyone from 18 to 69 years of age residing in Slovakia and an acceptable permanent source of income can receive this loan. This means that you are either employed, recipient of pension, maternity or family allowance, or you are a sole trader.

If you are attracted by the Good Loan and you are not our client, book a meeting at our branch where you can find out the details.

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